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If you are looking for the perfect sport/fitness activity for your child (or yourself) to become involved in, look no further than Gold Star Martial Arts! My son has been learning Taekwondo for 2 years and has already grown tremendously in his techniques/forms, mental and physical strength and comprehension of core values (such as respect, honesty, self-control, courtesy, integrity, etc). I especially like the fact that not only is Taekwondo a great form of physical fitness but it challenges the mind as well. This is a sport that truly helps create well-rounded individuals and is something that anyone, of any age, can learn. I can't say enough great things about the instructors either! The main instructor is Alyssa Cochnar--a World Champion and 5th Degree Black Belt. Her knowledge and passion for the art of ATA is incredible, but her patience, positive spirit and effective teaching strategies are truly remarkable! Her parents, Jack and Suzy Cochnar, are also amazing instructors and do a fantastic job managing the Gold Star Martial Arts schools in Crete and Seward, NE. They have a way of making you feel like you are not only part of a team but a part of their family as well. I would not hesitate recommending Gold Star Martial Arts to anyone! So, if you're looking to be involved in something great, give Gold Star Martial Arts a try!


Jennifer Robbins

We are very thankful to Gold Star Martial Arts for many things, but above all for the dedication and support they give all the students of their center. My son, Esten Johnsen has been attending classes for 6 months now and has enjoyed it greatly. He has fun, made new friends, physically and mentally became stronger, and his confidence has reached new heights. As parents we wanted to see Esten find an activity that he enjoyed and helped him be an overall great boy. We found it in Gold Star. The instructors are supportive, kind, and challenging. We believe all three of these characteristics drive Esten to continue to improve in his martial arts abilities as well as overall character. The Johnsen family can’t thank Gold Star enough for coming to Seward and providing this opportunity to Esten and our family. We hope to start our youngest son Lewis (5 year old) in classes soon. 


Angela and Steven Johnsen

I am grateful for all the Gold Star instructors. What you guys do for these kids is a very special thing. I started Raylan in martial arts after his first and second days of school resulted in him encountering a bully. He was scared and intimidated by this child and it hit me that I wasn't always going to be there to protect him; not just physically, but emotionally too. The best thing I could think of to do was to give you guys a call and what you have done with him in 3 months is amazing. The confidence he has in himself now is so wonderful to see. He didn't even think twice about getting up in front of complete strangers and showing them his moves at the Heartland Championships tournament in Crete, NE. He was nervous before we went in, but then when we walked in and he saw everyone doing their thing, his whole demeanor changed and he relaxed and became comfortable. He knew what he needed to do and he had so much fun doing it. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Can't wait for the next tournament!!


Jennifer Zajicek

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