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ATA Tigers (4-5)

Children as young as 4 are able to begin their martial arts journey.


*Exciting training that helps nurture socialization and fine motor skills.

*Each student practices goal setting and begins to understand the power of achievement.

*Fun and engaging environment to learn life skills.


Karate for Kids (6-12)

Respect, discipline, focus, and confidence!


*Comprehensive Taekwondo instruction customized to be fun and fulfilling.

*Students will have enhanced self-esteem through physical activity and fitness.

*Because Taekwondo is an individual sport, each student is an active, valuable part of each class.



Teens & Adults

The emphasis of the curriculum is self-defense and fitness through power, strength, speed and endurance.

Leadership Training

The focus of the leadership program is to build a generation of leaders who have success far beyond the walls of the martial arts classroom.

Tournament Training

All students may choose to participate within the ATA Tournament circuit, joining competitors from around the world in a fun and controlled competitive environment. There are tournament opportunities year-round in your district, region, and nationwide.


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